Rights Respecting


We believe that one of our key roles is to produce learners who know that they have a right to have their voice heard. We want our children to be confident and articulate and to show respect and compassion to everyone they meet. The UNICEF Convention of the Rights of the Child have provided a common language for us to use with our children so that the rights for children not just in our school, but across the world can be discussed.

The UNICEF Rights of the Child are brought into everyday life in school as seen beside each display throughout the main corridor, featuring in school policies and newsletters, in classroom charters and in lessons.

We are proud that:

  • Our team of ambassadors are proactive in taking action to support the rights of others, for example through participation in the annual OutRight campaign, learning about the work of teenage climate change activitist Greta Thumberg, meeting our local MP, writing to the Metropolitan Police Commissioner to express their thanks for the work of the police in protecting the public following the London bombings and sending a good wishes card to Malala Yousafzai when she began her studies at Oxford University.
  • Our whole school community - children, parents and staff, have been recognised for the passion shown and commitment to being a rights respecting school, as shown through the achievement of the Gold award.

A link directly to Unicef and the Child Rights Convention: