Art and Design Curriculum


We believe that Art and Design provides our children with exposure to key skills which when combined with their own imagination, enables them to create their own works of art.

At St Fidelis, our Art and Design curriculum, drawing on the National Curriculum, is underpinned by eight concepts - line, tone, texture, shape, pattern, colour, form and space. The Art and Design topics are linked directly to the concepts so that across a year, and over the 7 years of school, the children are given opportunities to revisit the concepts in a variety of ways.

We are proud:

  • Of our exciting topics built around classical and contemporary artists, sculptors, craft makers and designers.

  • Of how our teachers explicitly teach skills based on the eight identified concepts which enables our children to produce excellent outcomes.

  • Of the strong cross curricular links to include British artists, literature, spiritual, cultural and ancient crafts.

  • Of how we use our displays in classrooms and across the school to celebrate the high standard of art produced.

Curriculum Map - Years 1 to 6

Art overview