PE Curriculum


At St Fidelis, we believe that our PE curriculum inspires every child to be the best they can be. We aim to instill a love and greater understanding of Physical Education, Physical Activity and sport through carefully planned PE curriculum, delivered by the Specialist PE Teacher.

Children are exposed to a broad variety of activities included in the National Curriculum, from games to gym and dance, and learn different skills through concepts such as how we move in a space, enabling them to pull on them when necessary, with confidence and competence.

We feel that our curriculum puts PE at the heart of our school’s life, and gives every child the opportunity to thrive in both PE lessons and extra-curricular activities, including play and lunchtime activities. The children understand why activity is important to them and want to be part of the active community within the school. Through this engagement, we know that children are now making the choice to be active within every school day.

We are proud that:

  • We have built an ethos of healthy and active lifestyles which runs throughout St Fidelis; our children are given countless opportunities throughout the school day to be active. They understand why it is important to be active and how it can relate to their health.

  • The children can draw on their learning through lessons to come together as a team and understand the importance of working together to achieve one common goal.

Curriculum Overview

Copy of Curriculum Map.pdf