Catholic Life of the School

St Fidelis is one of a family of approximately 2,200 Catholic schools educating roughly 850,000 pupils across England and Wales.  

Catholic schools have four main purposes:

St Fidelis strives to provide an authentic and high quality Catholic education, recognising every child and adult as being formed in the image and likeness of God.  Through a broad and balanced curriculum, delivered through discretely taught subjects, our school seeks to recognise every child’s gift.  We seek to live out our mission of compassion, challenge and excellence in everything we do.

As a school we are closely tied to our Parish of Our Lady of the Angels and the attached Capuchin Friary.  The Capuchin family is a part of the wider Franciscan family and began in 1525.  Collectively we seek to follow the example of St Francis of Assisi.  The Friars do that by being brothers to one another and those we come across, contemplation, living God’s poverty and humility, respecting and caring for all creation, and bringing some love and joy into all we do.