• St Fidelis strives to provide an authentic and high quality Catholic education, recognising every child and adult as being formed in the image and likeness of God.

  • Through a broad and balanced curriculum, delivered through discretely taught subjects, our school seeks to recognise every child’s gift.

  • We seek to live out our mission of compassion, challenge and excellence in everything we do.


  • For children’s learning experiences to enable them to know more and remember more.

  • For children to acquire knowledge needed for the next stage of their education.

  • For children to acquire a breadth of skills and enthusiasm which will set them up for future learning.


  • The St Fidelis Curriculum delivers the breadth of the National Curriculum through a considered combination of published and school written schemes of work. Largely this combination breaks down as shown below. The school is frequently visited by other schools who are seeking to strengthen their curriculum provision.

Published Curriculum Schemes:

      • Life to the Full

      • Little Wandle Letters and Sounds

      • Maths Mastery

      • Minimus

      • NELI

      • The Way The Truth and The Life

School Written Curriculum Schemes

  • Art

  • Computing

  • Design Technology

  • History

  • Geography

  • Music

  • PE


  • “All pupils were enjoying the subject and so keen to work. There was a wonderful, purposeful atmosphere in the class… There was a buzz and excitement.”

  • “The curriculum is ambitious and well designed… the curriculum is coherent and develops the skills for the next stage. Learners study the full curriculum.”

  • “Learning is designed to create memorable experiences… The environment is focused to develop learning. There is a rigorous approach to learning and teaching across the school.”

  • “Knowledge and skills are developed and this is reflected in national tests. Learners are ready for the next stage of education.”

  • “The Year 6 pupils spoke to me about their heart dissection – and even though on the spot, they remembered what they had learned well.”

  • “Children are encouraged to speak and talk in sentences and discuss their work and I experienced this again on this visit.”

  • “In summary, the school is a happy one with pupils immersed and involved in their learning and fully engaged. Pupils are keen to participate and learn.”

  • “They take pride in their work and their books.”

  • “Pupils are polite and thoughtful and respectful of others – and raise a smile to visitors.”

  • “The ethos of the school is clearly one of care and this is felt at all levels.”