Science Curriculum


We believe that our Science curriculum enables our children to become curious, articulate and fair scientists with a solid knowledge on which they can build as they move towards secondary school.

At St Fidelis, our Science curriculum, drawing on the National Curriculum, is made up of a number of concepts and explicit teaching of the associated technical vocabulary, which are built on across both Key Stage One and Key Stage Two.

Investigations give children the opportunity to apply the knowledge gained from the topic being studied in a practical way, practising the skills of questioning, observing, identifying, classifying, recording and evaluating as they work their way through the investigative process. The Science topics are linked directly to the concepts so that across a year, and over the seven years of school, the children are given opportunities to revisit the concepts and extend their understanding.

We are proud:

  • That our curriculum includes memorable practical investigations for the children to carry out, which deepens their understanding of particular concepts.

  • In 2019, 94% of pupils achieved the KS2 expected standard, significantly above national and in the highest 20% of all schools.

Curriculum Overview: Years 1 to 6

Curriculum Plan - Science.pdf