Oscar Romero Developer Level Award 

St Fidelis School was delighted to achieve the Developer Level of the prestigious Oscar Romero Award. This recognition places St Fidelis as one of only ten schools in Southwark Diocese actively promoting social justice and Catholic Social Teaching principles at this level. 

The Oscar Romero Award is a national benchmark that acknowledges Catholic schools' commitment to social justice. The Developer Level signifies that St Fidelis has embedded these principles into the very fabric of the school community. From curriculum design to school activities and service projects, St Fidelis fosters a culture of empathy, compassion, and a drive to challenge inequality.

The Oscar Romero Award reflects the dedication of the entire school community – staff, students, and parents – to live out the Gospel message of justice and love for all. This award motivates us to continue striving towards a more just and equitable world.

The Southwark Diocese is home to over 160 Catholic schools. St Fidelis achieving the Developer Level signifies our commitment to social justice education.

Oscar Romero Report - Developer Award - March 2024